Electricity: A Cash Cow or an Economy Enabler?

Renewable Energy is cheaper than all other forms of energy, especially when subsidies are removed from oil, gas, etc. The main problem: Coal and Oil is SO EXPENSIVE that it requires government and big business to run and ALL our electricity money goes to them. Make electricity yourself and they are out of business.
Except for one small point. Electricity is an enabler for the economy to operate. It isn’t a cash cow for government and big business. Once the economy is enabled, much higher corporate taxes are paid, more people are employed so more personal taxes are paid and so government can do the wonderful things we all want it to do, ie health, sport, housing, roads, etc. But it starts with US ALL working together to get the enablers in place. Without this, we are doomed to much of the same “recession” we are having in South Africa.
And what is South Africa’s major export? Jobs. Why? Lack of electricity!! Why? Eskom wants it all for themselves. It is so much easier to get income from electricity sales than by actually making the economy work. And because of this myopic policy, ALL South Africans suffer, including government, because they could earn so much more money by becoming enablers instead of disablers.
Note that Renewable Energy should be called Original Energy. It is not “alternative”. It has always been around. It is just that we humans have finally worked out how to tap it sustainably and cheaply, ie cheaper than fossil fuel energy, which was temporarily required to help us make clean, green, sustainable energy. Now, we must move forward. Will we?

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