Curved Solar Power Rooftop Tile


The Curved Solar Power Rooftop Tile , Homeowners Now Have Better Looking Options

SRS Energy, a leading developer of designer, was recently featured on DIY Network’s This New House. The segment highlights their innovative  Tile™, the first curved solar roof tile designed to integrate seamlessly with profiled clay roof products.
“SRS Energy has received tremendous response from homeowners around the globe that have chosen not to invest in a solar power system due to the unsightly aesthetics associated with conventional solar panels,” said JD Albert, CEO of SRS Energy. “We are excited to partner with This New House and support their effort in educating homeowners about cutting-edge technology and products.”
The SRS Energy  Tile™ is the first curved solar power product to obtain UL certification and a listing on the California Energy Commission’s list of approved solar modules. In July, Sole was installed on the Sunset Magazine Dream Remodel home in Los Gatos, California.
SRS Energy began commercial shipments in August and is featured on the ELLE DECOR magazine 2010 Showcase Home in San Francisco, California.
This New House is a new magazine-style series on DIY Network, where co-hosts Amy Matthews and This Old House’s Kevin O’Connor bring viewers inside homes that feature innovative building materials. Matthews explores a  Tile installation in Northern California as part of episode ‘Big Heat From Deep Cold.’ In addition to the superior aesthetics achieved by preserving the timeless roofline, Matthews highlights the vastly improved and simplified installation. “It’s just so complicated to install solar panels on barrel ,” states Matthews. “Up till now, you had to drill through the tile which is brittle and prone to cracking, in order to mount the racks for traditional solar panels. Plus they wreck the roofline, which is a big reason why homeowners go clay barrel in the first place.